May 20, 2024 -
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Leaders With Character!

Seminar Outline

A one-day workshop facilitated by Bob Spence from Creative-Leadership Consultants, Inc., the architect of the Choosing Winners™ System!

Each participant will be identifying:

• his/her most important values.

• people who have made a difference for them.

• his/her driving purpose in life.

• what it means to take a stand for your beliefs.

• what gives them energy, makes them sad, makes them happy, and what they fear.

• what he/she would be willing to die for.

• areas for improvement.

Using the Proficiencies of Outstanding Managers, and other research and information about character and values, the participants will be addressing the following topics:

• Character is a choice.

• Commitment is tested by action.

• Communicate or travel alone.

• Quality is never an accident.

• Courage inspires commitment from others.

• Develop the habit of giving.

• Passion is the first step toward success.

• Attitude is a choice.

• Responsibility means going the extra mile.

• Self-discipline challenges excuses.

• It's all about being a Servant Leader.

• To lead you must be a life-long learner.

• Vision comes from within the leader.

Schedule: 1 day workshop, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Location: Your company or conference room of your choosing.

Fee: $5,000.00 (includes all materials and travel expenses)

Expenses: Conference room fees and food/beverages during seminar.

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