May 20, 2024 -
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Choosing Winners Seminar

I. Introduction

A. Overview of the seminar
B. The Value of a Systematic Process

II. Developing position specifications (DEFINE)

A. Using the brainstorming activity
B. Developing the Who, What, Ticket
C. Writing a targeted ad
D. Determining your recruiting strategies
E. Setting the time line

III. Evaluating resumes (SCORE)

A. Preparing a scoring form
B. Scoring resumes

IV. Effective telephone screening (SCREEN)

A. Verifying resume data
B. Using structured screener interviews

V. Creative-Leadership Study (PROBE)

VI. The on-site interview process (CONFIRM)

A. Getting ready
1. Notifying the interviewees
2. Who to involve
3. Planning the schedule

B. The Situational Activity

C. Checking References/Backgrounds

VII. Orientation Plans

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