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Added August 17, 2006


In various dictionaries you can find definitions of discipline. For example, discipline is often defined as obedience, order, a system of rules, prescribed conduct, a pattern of behavior, straightforward logic, self-control, and a systematic method to name a few.

How does this apply to hiring?

First, you must have a systematic method. That is, a specific step-by-step system for hiring that has been agreed to by the team. It must be a system which has order, rules, prescribed conduct for the team members, and strict obedience to the system by every team member.

In the Bible we are given prescribed conduct and behavior in the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. These prescribed behaviors require that we accept them, exercise self-control and are obedient to them. If we choose to not be obedient, there is a price to pay. It is the same with a hiring system. If the rules are not followed, there is a price to pay; a mis-hire! And we all know the impact that has on the bottom line.

The hiring system you develop and implement, must be totally consistent with your core values, mission, and vision. For example, if your core values include team work then your hiring system must include all team members in the process. To do less than that, would not be consistent with your core values. Or if you say you value the worth and dignity of people, and you do not get back to candidates timely or fail to notify them of their status, do you really believe in the worth and dignity of people.

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