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Added October 2, 2006

Core Values #1

It has never ceased to amaze me how often I have met with new clients and when I asked for a copy of their company core values they did not have any in written form. Company presidents and owners wonder why they have so much trouble hiring people who fit their culture, and yet they have not taken the time to define their core values. Sad, but so true.

In The Message the wording for Proverbs 11:1 is interesting: “God hates cheating in the marketplace; he loves it when business is aboveboard.” And also in The Message it is written in Proverbs 11:14, “Without good direction, people lose their way; the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances.”

I have not yet figured out how you hire someone who is a fit and match with your culture without defined company core values. I guess you rely on your friendly neighborhood headhunter to take care of that for you, or as I have been told many times, “my gut never fails me.” Let’s get real.

First, if you do not have defined core values, do not write a list and hand them out to everyone. Get input from your team members. Hold some exciting brainstorming sessions to define your core values. Take time to do this right. By getting everyone involved you will develop a sense of ownership for your core values and people will support them and follow them.

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