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Added November 27, 2006

Core Values #4

Let’s take a look at another core value. Let’s assume you have a core value statement that says you value team work. Now keep in mind every interviewee trained by outplacement is trying to find a way to work team player into the interview. Beat them to the punch. Ask them, “When I speak with your references, will they describe you as a team player?” You know the answer. You will also notice relief on their face as they now have team player on the table with you. Your interest is in discovering (there is that discovery process again) if they believe in and practice team work. So, follow up with; “Tell me about a time when you were on a team that set and achieved a specific goal.” I really cringe when I get the standard answer, “oh, I do that all the time, but I just can’t recall a specific instance right now.” Wrong. They can’t recall because it never happened. Listen for behaviors; listen for specifics; listen for real time, places, events, and people. Listen for a lot of we and very little I. Then you probably have a person who practices team work, but ask more questions to be sure.

I cannot stress the importance of having defined core values enough. This is absolutely a key to hiring success. Again, it is up to you. Just how important is it to you to hire the right people?

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