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Added December 12, 2006

A Cup of Coffee Please

I remember walking into a retail establishment and ordering a cup of coffee. The store’s associate greeted me with a great big smile and asked me how I was doing. I replied to her:

“I’m doing great. And you sure seem happy today.”
While filling my coffee cup she turned and said, “I’m happy every day!”
I thought to myself this is a good time to interview and so I said to her:
“You must really like this job.” She smiled and said, “I love this job.”
I asked her, “Why do you love this job? Is it the pay?
The benefits? The training?”

She looked right at me and said, “the pay and benefits
are good and as a single mother of three that is really
important to me. But it’s more than that.” She became very serious.
I said to her, “tell me more.” “This company gave me my dignity.”
I said, “tell me about dignity.”

A tear fell from her eye. “I told you I was a single mother
with three kids. Well, I don’t know who fathered any of them.
I was a prostitute. This company came to the safe house and
offered several of us working girls a chance. I was the only
one that took it. Now I am supporting my girls.”

With a tear in my own eye, I said to her, “You obviously feel
good about yourself and your girls.” Once again she had that winning smile. “I sure do and guess what I did last week?” “I have no idea.”
Almost bouncing with joy she said in a loud voice, “I got my
GED. And guess what tonight is?”“Tell me.”

“My first class at the junior college!”

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