December 1, 2023 -
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Working With Recruiters

Many times organizations will choose to have recruiters assist them with hiring new leaders. In using recruiters, consider the following:

  1. Have a written contract that details all aspects of the work.

  2. Insist upon a 12 month guarantee.

  3. Have the recruiter participate in, or preferably facilitate, your planning session to prepare the position specifications.

  4. Do not accept the single file line of candidate after candidate.

  5. Insist upon a set fee plus expenses (as approved by you) instead of the traditional percentage of total annual compensation.

  6. Demand that the recruiter provide you with assessments of the candidates, focusing on their attitudes, values, and behaviors.

  7. Make sure that the recruiter provides interview preparation for all of your interviewers.

  8. Have the recruiter meet with the new hire and his/her supervisor in a planning session to prepare the position description, to review strengths and vulnerabilities, to implement the new leader's orientation plan, and to share communication styles.

  9. Have the recruiter provide you with complete reference and appropriate background checks of the top candidate.

  10. Insist upon weekly updates during the search process.

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